Deerskin Cinch Pouch - Use for Crystals Rocks Marbles Amulets - Stocking Stuffer for Collectors

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Carry special crystals, stones or other amulets with you. Cinched with an antler button, this beautiful domestically harvested deerskin drawstring bag is the perfect size without being too big. A little stash pouch to place your important items and keep them separated from other things. Throw into another bag or tie onto your belt. This soft, supple little multipurpose pouch makes a great gift.

* Approximately 3 1/2 (small) or 4 (large) inches wide - fits in palm of hand nicely
*Domestically harvested deerskin - yellow-tan color may vary slightly between hides
*Hand cut 2/3 ounce deerskin from the full hide
*Hand cut lace from deerskin
*Hand cut and drilled antler concho for tightening laces