Kilt Belt Double Layer Leather Belt Hand Tooled with Brass Buckle


Kilt Belt Double Layer Leather Belt with Brass Buckle

This beautiful 3 1/2 inch wide double layered kilt belt is made with full grain leather. The main belt body has stitch and stamp designs along the edges and is hand dyed black. A narrower 1 1/2 inch leather utility strap is riveted to the main belt body, hand tooled with a Celtic knot design and hand dyed a warm tan. A hand polished solid brass buckle brings this double layered kilt belt together sInging with elegant sophistication AND practicality. Celebrate your awesomeness and choose your size today! 

*Sporran and belt bag sold separately.

Standard belt sizes available are 28 - 48 inches.  Other sizes are available upon request. ***KILT WEARERS - please see the info below on proper sizing of your belt.*** When ordering your belt please note that this is your size with your kilt on. 


Holy Heck belts are handmade to order. Belt sizes are determined by measuring where the leather wraps around the buckle to the center hole. With your kilt on measure yourself with the instructions below.

NOTE: Our kilt belts are 2 ½ inches wide unless otherwise indicated. If your kilt belt loops are smaller, contact us and we will customize to fit.


1. Measure yourself where you want to wear the belt. Use a flexible measuring tape or a string that is then measured. If your measurement is 42 inches then your belt size is 42.

2. Measure a belt that you currently wear. Measure from where the leather wraps around the buckle to the hole that you currently use. If this measurement is 42 inches then order size 42.

IMPORTANT: Do not measure the belt from end to end. You will not get an accurate size.

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