Purple Rob Roy Sporran, Cinch Style Belt Pouch, Wear with Kilts and Creative Costumes

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Passionate for purple? This seductive purple suede expandable pouch style sporran establishes a practical place to stash your stuff while wearing your kilt or other distinguished wardrobe. You will love this flexible pouch style sporran because there is more room for your stuff. This colorful belt bag is a version of our black Rob Roy Sporran found here: The Rob Roy sporran is usually worn on the sporran belt with a kilt. Many festival folks style up their wardrobe and wear this sporran directly on their belt.

*Approximately 8 inches x 7 inches in size 
*Expandable opening to hold your phone, money, and other necessities while on the go
*Front flap cinches down with a leather tie 
*4 x 1 1/2 inch belt loop on back of sporran
*Hand cut 6/7 ounce black leather for the flap, back and front support structures 
*Hand cut purple suede for the front and back main sporran body
*Hand cut sumptuous black pebbled garment leather for the gusset 
*Machine Sewn & Hand Laced

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