Sporran Belt with Chain, Use with Sporran Pouch, Gift for Kilt Wearer

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Please measure before ordering.
If smaller or larger size is needed please contact us.

Sporran belts are a must have to accompany your sporran. Our sporran belts are made with durable chain and exceptional quality leather. Separate from the kilt belt, the sporran belt buckles in the back and is attached to chain that slips through the loop on the back of the sporran. Many sporran belts on the market are made from inexpensive materials that breakdown within a few years of use. We have had our fair share of festival customers swap out their whispy and frayed leather sporran belts complete with cheap chain for one of our superior quality sporran belts that actually fits! No more creative entanglements of chain looped in crazy ways around the waist or behind the sporran. No more safety pins and clips to keep the sporran belt in place. It is time to upgrade this little, yet very important functioning piece, of your kilt ensemble.

*Hand cut 9/10 ounce black leather from the hide
*Hand cut chain sized to fit, see instructions below
*Your choice of nickel, black or brass hardware

*Kilt belts sold separately here: https://www.holyheckusa.com/catalog/kilt-belts
*Rob Roy Sporran sold separately here: https://www.holyheckusa.com/product/sporran-rob-roy-sporran-black-leather-sporran

-The sporran chain is cut to length for the individual. 
-Please measure for correct sizing. 

1. Put your kilt on, THEN measure.
2. Determine your accurate sporran belt chain length by measuring yourself at the place that you want to wear your sporran. This can be done with a flexible cloth measuring tape or with a string that is then measured. 
3. Wrap the measuring device around yourself and then provide some slack to accommodate the height that you would like for your sporran to sit. 
4. The size you have measured is the size you will order. We will do all the necessary math.
*If your measurement falls above or below the sizing options, OR if you are measuring at the half inch size, PLEASE list your size in the notes when you order and we will get you taken care of. Thanks.