Suede Kilt Hose Flashes, Keep Your Kilt Socks Up, Gift for Kilt Wearers

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Tired of your kilt socks (Highland hose) sliding down? Add these unique and colorful suede flashes to your kilt wardrobe! Basically a sock garter, kilt flashes are worn around the calves on top of your socks/hose with the top portion of the sock/hose folded over the elastic. Suede kilt flashes are a beautiful accent to your overall kilt ensemble with a very practical function, they hold socks up. These make great gifts for any kilt wearer you may know. 

*Each flash set is sold as a pair, once set for each leg
*Various color sets available
*Hand cut suede from the hide
*Hand cut and assembled adjustable elastic straps with sewn ends so no fraying
*Velcro fastening area sewn onto elastic
*3/4 inch elastic garter with Velcro comfortably ranges from 11 inches to 18 inches for maximum adjustability
*Elastic comes with your choice of black or white elastic
*Makes a great and memorable gift for anyone that wears a kilt

Flashes are generally chosen to match one of the colors in your kilt. Many of our customers get two and three different colored sets to match various colors in their kilt. This gives them lots of options when choosing their wardrobe for special events.