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Contemporary Kilt Belts and Kilt Accessories Designed for Today's Kilt Wearer

Express your individual Celtic spirit while celebrating your ancestors and your heritage. With a bold approach to kilt fashion, we make modern kilt belts, sporrans and kilt accessories designed for today’s kilt wearer. We are proud to offer an alternative to the traditional kilt uniform concept.

We love history and are passionate about our own learning. We are heavily influenced by Celtic themes throughout our work. We are equally influenced by our printmaking backgrounds including: technical skills, craftsmanship and production. And finally, we are influenced by our personal interests and working with leather for more than 25 years.

As American's of Scottish-Irish descent, we spent many years traveling around the Western United States to Scottish and Celtic festivals to assist our parents with our own MacLachlan Clan heritage tent. After many festivals, we noted how generic kilt belts and other accessories appeared. We realized that the majority of kilt belts and kilt accessories were (and still are) imported mass produced product utilizing inexpensive materials. 

We believe that every kilt deserves an unforgettable kilt belt and we know there is room for personal expression with items used to accessorize a kilt. Many kilted folk like the kilt uniform look and, of course, this is completely acceptable. We believe this tradition needs to carry forward. Alternatively, we want to provide beautiful product for those wanting to express themselves and step away from the kilt uniform.

All of our leather products are meticulously handcrafted utilizing 100% American domestic steer full grain leather sourced from American tanneries. We believe in American made and work toward resourcing ALL of our raw materials from American companies.

Our exceptional quality and beautifully constructed products are each individually hand made by us, in the Holy Heck leather shop in Dothan, Alabama, USA. We strive to provide excellent quality products, superb craftsmanship and stellar customer service.

We look forward to working with you.

Holy Heck
ACCEPT NO IMITATION! All of our leather products are meticulously hand built utilizing full grain leather from American companies. Our exceptional quality and beautifully constructed leather products are each individually hand made by us, in the Holy Heck leather studio in the United States of America.