Autumn 2020 - No Festivals? No Problem

No festivals? No problem! Get out those KILTS!!
Are you missing your family and friends at festival this year? We've got ideas!

Whew! 2020 is continuing to be a wild ride. We hope you all are safe and healthy and doing well. As autumn is beginning to reveal itself, we wanted to reach out and give you some updates.

Prepping for Christmas - The Christmas Tree

What About Christmas Tradition?

We had set up and decorated our artifical, pre-lit and pre-flocked Christmas tree for the holidays. Wanting to host Christmas in our new home, we invited the family over for the holiday family gathering to take place at our house this year.

"Well, What About Christmas tradition?" Mama says.

Let's back up a minute. What traditions were we talking about here?  Were we really breaking a tradition? 


TURKEY?!? More like Elephants... 

Have you ever cooked a Thanksgiving turkey? For the entire family? In a new kitchen?